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Locrian Ensemble - Piano Trios by Volkmar Andreae Review - Katherine Rockhill (Piano), Rita Manning – Violin, Justin Pearson – Cello
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Tori Amos - The Light Princess Soundtrack: Better Than Good - Katherine Rockhill (Piano)

Pirates of the Caribbean for solo piano - Katherine Rockhill Pianist-Informal Performance 2017

Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells III (Live from Horse Guards Parade London) Full Concert
Katherine Rockhill - Piano (Featured at 29.25)

Dream of Olwen by Charles Williams performed by Katherine Rockhill Solo Pianist 2017

'Married Life' Soundtrack from 'Up' - Katherine Rockhill-Solo Piano and Orchestra-2018

Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells III CONCIERTO - Katherine Rockhill (Pianist)

Mike Oldfield on Jools Holland - Full - With Rare Opening
Katherine Rockhill - Piano (Featured at 5:58)

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The Edge of Love Film

The Edge of Love Film

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