TorI Amos 'Light Princess' Review - Katherine Rockhill (Piano)
Tori Amos - Light Princess Review (Katherine Rockhill - Piano)
The Strad Review of Piano Trios by Volkmar Andreae The Locrian Ensemble – Rita Manning – Violin, Jus

“Katherine Rockhill’s wonderfully light touch and expressive playing is consistently matched by her musical intelligence and sensitivity. She is the perfect accompanist for established string players, as she effortlessly forges a partnership through her exceptionally thorough preparation, swift learning and her ability to respond musically. Her engaging personality, wide experience, and ability to communicate with audiences make her an accompanist whom I would recommend very highly indeed.”
Justin Pearson - Artistic Director, National Symphony Orchestra / Director, Locrian Ensemble


“Katherine Rockhill is an extremely fine pianist, both in a solo and accompanying capacity. Her recorded performances have attracted universally good reviews; she is an artist whom I am always pleased to welcome at recording sessions.
Michael Ponder - Record Producer for Naxos, Guild, Dutton Epoch etc.


“’I’ve spent the last week or so listening to your recording of the Volkmar Andréae trios and I felt I must write to tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate your fantastic playing. To be honest I’ve rarely heard the piano played so exquisitely, such beautiful colour and tone, not to mention technically flawless. I’m really not being over the top. In fact I can’t find the words to express my huge admiration of your musicianship”
Cathy Giles - Director of Bookaband - Top London Contractor for television and films


“She performs with a clarity and depth of feeling which, however, never undermines or obscures the technical demands of the music.”
Christos Pittas - Composer